A contactless payment is performed with a contactless-enabled device, rather than swiping or inserting a card into the PIN pad.

Any credit or debit card, key fob, smart watch, smart phone, or other mobile device that contains a near field communication, or NFC, antenna.

We accept Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay® , Google Pay™, and other NFC payment apps.

The device must be equipped with a payment application (app) and the near field communication, or NFC, feature. Every device is different, so you’ll need to check with the device manufacturer or service provider.

If you want to use your physical card for a contactless payment, it must have the universal contactless logo and/or must have the term printed on the card.

No; however, when setting up your payment card within your app, your bank must authenticate the card and authorize its use for contactless payments.

The industry uses the term tap. However, the card or device simply needs to be held or placed over a certain area on the PIN pad for it to transmit information. On our PIN pads, the contactless card or device must be held over the black surface area to the left of the keypad.

When you add a card to your payment application or device, a virtual account number is created. This account number is used in place of your actual card number, along with a unique value for each transaction. This makes each transaction unique to assist with fraud protection.

If the card within your payment app can be used as debit, you may be prompted to enter a PIN.

If the transaction was approved at the point of sale, your payment app may need time to update. If the problem persists, contact your financial institution or service provider for additional assistance.

These declines may have something to do with how the card has been set up within the payment app. You’ll need to contact your financial institution to resolve the issue.

Every payment application is different. You’ll need to download the payment app specific to your device, then follow the instructions provided to set up your card.

Yes. The PIN pads at self-checkout will not have the contactless logo on the screen, however, they can still accept contactless payments.

Yes, but you’ll need to inform the cashier how much you would like to pay prior to tapping your device/card.

Publix does not charge a fee for using your contactless payment in our store. Consult your financial institution or service provider with any questions regarding their fee structure.

Most devices have some form of password protection. Consult your financial institution or service provider with any questions regarding the security of your device.

Consult your financial institution or service provider with any questions regarding the security of your device.

Your financial institution will determine any guidelines or limits they’d like for the number of contactless transactions and/or the dollar amount per transaction.

Check with your financial institution to understand how they handle benefits and rewards for contactless transactions.

Yes; however, the card being refunded must be a credit card.

Within your payment app there are two numbers that reference your payment card. These numbers are the last four digits from your physical card and the last four digits of the device account number (also known the virtual account number) that’s created when you add your card to the app. When paying with your device, the last four digits of the device/virtual account will be shown on the receipt.

Before tapping, you’ll need to open the app and select the card you wish to pay with.