This is GreenWise Market Good Works.

Turn every shopping trip into a chance to do some good. If you’re a REWARDS member, just enter your phone number at checkout and we’ll make a donation to charity.

Choose a charity

The more you shop, the more we give.

We’re committed to making our communities even better, and we want your help. Your part is easy. After you join GreenWise Market REWARDS, go to your Account settings and choose a charity from the list for us to send our donations.

When you enter your phone number at checkout, we’ll donate money to the organization you chose.* Every donation is completely on us—that’s our part.

Enrollment in GreenWise Market Good Works expires each July, at which point we’ll remind you to log in to your account and select a charity to support. You can change your charity at any time.

We can already tell we’re going to make a good team.

*All purchases made at GreenWise Market are eligible with the exception of gift cards, alcohol, and postage stamps.