When you enter your Publix GreenWise Market REWARDS number at checkout, a percentage of each eligible transaction will be allocated to the charity you have chosen, at no cost to you. The charity will receive donations based on earnings it accumulates from the purchases you—and those who have chosen the same charity as you—make at Publix GreenWise Market.

All purchases are eligible with the exception of gift cards, alcohol, lottery items, money services, postage stamps, prescriptions, and purchases made through Publix GreenWise Market delivery and pickup, powered by Instacart. Purchases from Publix Super Markets are also not eligible.

Publix GreenWise Market Good Works is available at our NEW Publix GreenWise Market stores.

Publix GreenWise Market shoppers who sign up for Publix GreenWise Market REWARDS can select a charity from a list for their chosen store. The list of available charities can be found under the Give section of their Publix GreenWise Market REWARDS account settings.

The greater the participation in Publix GreenWise Market Good Works, the greater the donations for your chosen charity. So spread the word! It’s free to join, and Publix GreenWise Market makes all of the donations.

For every $37,500 cumulatively spent, Publix GreenWise Market Good Works will donate $250 to your charity.

If the charity has at least $250 in earnings, a donation will be made to the charity once per quarter. They decide how best to put it to use.

If your charity doesn’t achieve $250 in earnings for the quarter, any credit will carry over to the next quarter.

Publix GreenWise Market Good Works supports charities all year long, so you can help your selected charity throughout the year.

Your charity chooses how to use the money. You can learn more about each charity before you make your selection.

Yes. Enrollment in Publix GreenWise Market Good Works expires each July, at which point we’ll remind you to log in to your account and select a charity to support. You can change your charity at any time.